• Sonny Oram

    Sonny Oram founded Qwear in June 2011 to create an online home for queer and gender noncomforming fashionistas. Sonny's personal style combines aesthetics from preppy New England, dandyism, and timeless menswear staples. Sonny specializes in identifying masculine clothes that fit curves. www.qwearfashion.com Qwear is a Boston-based style blog for queer women, trans people, and the dappers who love them.


    Here is Lauren in our Bad News Babes tee. We just lover her style and I'm sure you will too. Lauren runs a online vintage boutique where you can find great pieces to compliment your Gypsy, Cowgirl or Rock N' Roll style. We asked Lauren a couple questions just to get to know her better, read her answers below. FH: where are you from?LC: The great state of Texas!FH: Do you have a website and what is it?RL: Yes! www.phoenixmoonvintage.com...it is still a work in progress but I am getting there.FH: Whats your day job?LC: Currently my day job is...

  • Rachel Lynch

    FH: where are you from?RL: Michigan/Chicago/New York FH: How did you get into blogging?RL: I started taking pictures of my weird art school friends on film and posting them on my blog. FH: You're blog is www.ihateblonde.com, how did you come up with that?RL: I came up with it in a bio lab one day, I just graduated with a science journalism degree. FH: Do you believe in Aliens, Ghosts and the Paranormal?RL: Yes. I've had experiences with the supernatural. FH: What do you do when you're not striking a pose or creating outfits?RL: Blogging has recently really left time...


    FH: Where are you from?Originally from Texas, currently residing in Huntington BeachFH: Tell us a little about your blog?I started Style Smoothie with one of my best friends to showcase our love for Southern California culture.FH: Describe your personal style?I love to be comfortable and add a little funk. I like oversized tees, tie dye, hair chalk, black combat boots, and also girly sundresses.FH: Surf, Skate or Snow?Skating to the beach to surf! FH: Any Bands/Artists/People you're crushin' on at the moment?Beau Mirchoff from MTV's 'Awkward'...he's so dreamy.FH: If you were an Animal, what Animal would you be and why?A...


    FH: where are you from? Born in Toronto and now I'm finishing up school in Florida and am in LA as much as possible. FH: What do you do when you're not in front of the camera? I like to pretend I'm a photographer and love to style and shoot my little sister. I also love watching the history channel cause I'm an undercover nerd. FH: You have a blog, please share? (www.fireonthehead.com) Fire on the Head! I started it as sort of a wish list and have since added personal style, inspiration and little editorials I style and photograph....


    A midnight skate with Vivienne Lapointe and Roxanna Dunlop of LiveFastMag.com   Vivienne sporting the In Memory of when I cared Muscle Roxanna rockin' the prowlin'  Babes on Skateboards, what more do you need. Don't forget to check out LIveFastMag.com for rad photos, interviews and inspiration in Fashion, Art, Sex and Travel. P.S. Hail Lizard King ( Photog by www.Shelbystill.com)